Friday, March 21, 2008

Ideas for the name of the icon set

Here are some ideas for the icon set name. I'm trying to come up with something short and catchy,  approximately two-three words.  Most of my icons have a female connotations to them and they can all be carried around in a purse or handbag:

  • Keep- It- To - Yourself Functionality
Most of my objects serve a specific function and belong to one person. All of these objects are rarely  shared with anyone. The only two objects that don't qualify are the coin purse and the key. The coin purse, however, can suggest income privacy (you don't ask how big is somebody's income). The key is a symbol of privacy and although it can be used by someone who is not its owner (friend looks after the apartment), keys are usually "linked" to only one person. 

  • Over-night Purse
The bra and contacts are things someone can carry with them when they're planning to stay somewhere outside of their home. Lipstick, coin purse, address book and key are the things most people carry around.  The address book can also be interpreted as the "little black book", which is relevant to the theme. Lipstick and bra connote femininity, but I didn't want to use the words "woman", "female"  or "girl" in this one because the word "purse" already suggests something feminine.

  •  Come-Stay-The-Night Handbag
This title has the same meaning as the #2 one, but the title itself is more lively and flirty. With this one and the previous one I'm worried that the title narrows the set too much.
Another titles that have the same connotations:
Over-night bag Femininity

  •  Purse Privacy
This is one my favorite ones. It still connotes "female", but it also reminds me of  a lady in the shoe situation: the purse becomes a miniature household of necessities that are private. It's also nice that the "purse" suggests the outside, open to the public quality of the object and "privacy" means something hidden and personal.

  •  Carry-around Privacy
has the same connotations, but the title suggests that all the objects can be carried around.
I came up with many other titles that have the same connotations as the previous ones. Here are some of them:
Take-It-With-Me Privacy
Handbag Carry-around

  •  Go-to Womanhood
This title deals with femininity and the material, superficial nature of the objects. The fact that these objects can all be carried-around makes on-the-go transformation possible. Moreover, such things as lipsticks and bras are objects are used to enhance someone's femininity. Lipsticks and even contacts are used to make the person look more beautiful or sexy. The same goes for bras. Although contacts are a vision aid, they are in a way someone's attempt to escape from the reality. Color contacts will not only correct (or not) someone's vision, but they will give them those baby blues they always wanted to have.  
The same connotations:
Purse Femininity
Overnight-Bag Femininity
Female Necessities

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