Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stefan Sagmeister's lecture 03.10.08

    My first introduction to Stefan happened in the movie Helvetica.  The movie mentioned Sagmeister's series of work "Things I Have Learnt In My Life So Far". The book that includes the works from this series consists of fifteen booklets and is full of humor, visual information and personality. The maxims that Stefan uses in his work were originally a part of his diary, which makes them personal and true to the artist.  
      One of the phrases he used was especially interesting: "Over time I get used to things and start taking it for granted." The first word  of the sentence is written on a sign that Stefan holds in his hand while sitting in the window of a skyscraper. It is amazing (and little bit funny)  that somebody sitting in the window with a sign and not doing anything else can create such a commotion. The street was closed for traffic, the  police, firemen and ambulance came to "help" Stephen. This event signifies that  just as much as one word in graphic design can draw attention and change someone's understanding of life. This sentence was also included things that people would not expect and take for granted: cans arranged to form a word, people forming letters...   It was informative for me to see that graphic design works as a video and animation. 
I enjoyed Stefan's interactive piece  "Being Nor Truthful Works Against Me". It is not only well though out, but  extremely personal to everybody. The spider web "sees" you and reacts to you. The web breaks when the person walks away and the rebuilds itself, just like spiders do. 
         The last thing that Stefan said in his presentation was: "There are no gutsy men. There are fearful men who know how to overcome their fear."  The lecture was a great opportunity to see and listen to Stefan Sagmeister, a designer who's name is one of the most known in the design world.  His works and Stefan himself  inspire to create better and more interesting design and live a more thoughtful life.

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