Sunday, April 27, 2008


For my placard sketches I tried to challenge myself to work with my hands and avoid using the computer as a tool. I tried different sizes and crops to see how different compositions work. You can find some examples on my Flickr page. I'm also trying to use the technique I used in my scrapbook. Throughout the semester I'm trying to envision  what all the body of work is going to look like. It is not necessary, but I think that if my placard somehow echoed with the semiotic scrapbook, it could be nice. From the directions I chose, I really enjoy the Freedom  and Age because they're the ones that can be the most interesting and even funny. 
I found out that sometimes malfunction can be useful. When I was printing my digital sketches, most of the inks in my printer, except magenta and black, ran out. This created a cool effect that made the icon stand out. The colors are  too bright when scanned, but it's a fun experiment. My printer also "chewed" a piece of paper when it was printing. The effect turned out to be CRAZY (see below). I even wish I could try it on purpose.

Exactly how it came out of the printer.

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