Sunday, April 20, 2008

Statement for the magazine spreads and information graphic

The magazine spread project was a challenging design problem and forced me to think about the parts as they relate to the whole. Since the the final product is an article, typography and the graphic elements are supposed to work together. My original color palette influenced the choice of color in the whole article and the structure of the spreads influenced the structure of the information graphic.  The initial idea for the info graphic was to present facts about the objects women carry in their purses, such as the age they first purchase or use these objects. The final graphic addresses age, amount and cost.
Having to deal with a lot of information, I had to create a system that would be clear, legible and informative to the viewer. By stacking the objects I tried to visually communicate the amount a woman has at the time. Dealing with typography and images was also a design problem. My solution was to encase typographic information and photographic images in a bar that takes up a whole page. This united the info graphic with the article that is based on vertical bars and created hierarchy among text and image. 
The color choice is influenced by the color palette that I used in my icons and connotes femininity and warmth. The italic typeface that I used for the headers also connotes elegance and femininity.  
This project made me think about the challenges of production, such as color editing, cropping and scaling. I realized that in order to keep everything consistent and legible, you have to constantly check the components. This brings me to the issues in editorial design. I learned that it is important to pay attention to what seems to be minor details and double-check everything.
Overall, this project challenged me on various levels and taught me how to refine and edit a product that includes more than one component.

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