Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Final Placards (still)

These are the three final stills for my placard animation. You watch it here. it at My previous works treat my icons as important objects in a woman's life. With the placards I tried to show the other side of it. I decided to to juxtapose the idea of stereotypical female objects and the idea of aging. With my icons placed directly in front of the images of young and old, I'm attempting to show that some common beliefs are not always working. Make-up, bras and contacts are faking the reality, but there is a certain point in every woman's life when you cannot hide your age without looking fake and funny. My placards show that superficial beauty works for as long as your natural looks allow it and make-up, lingerie and contacts are only a support, but not a solution. 
The words in the placards are also the name of my icon set, but here I am adding another meaning to it. When we age, it's not only our body that is getting old, our beliefs and opinions also become aged and often obsolete. How would our grandmas react to a phrase that most of the people our age do not find offensive?

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