Thursday, May 8, 2008

MAN. The Printing Press project.

Cover printed by Adam

Text printed by Nick and Adam

My final project for Type class. The book that we made is a compilation the works made by my four classmates (Nick, Ryan, Kyle, Adam) and me. Since our group has male stereotypes and objects that are usually male, the name for our book is "MAN." Each of us had three spreads in the book. My three spreads (presented above) deal with such stereotypes that women are seen as and the type treatment in the "bitch" spread explores the degrading attitude of this word and its connotations.  The image, which is a wood block print is consciously faded out and uneven, showing that these stereotypes do not cover the full essence of a woman. The colors also have a concept behind them. The yellow and white in "goddess" directly reference gold and sacredness.
The green references nature while hot pink and orange are supposed to be aggressive and stereotypical. 
Our group printed on the same type and color of paper to keep consistency. The most "masculine" spread of the each individual set is printed on a darker shade of the same color to subtly tie the group together. Type in all of our works is letter-pressed (requirement). 
I used different typefaces for each one to empathize a specific point in each composition.
My book is bound with bolts. I thought this worked well with the "masculine theme". 
Overall, I think this was one of my favorite projects for type this semester and it taught me a lot about the letter press and printing.

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