Friday, September 5, 2008

Sketches for the poster. Basketball.

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thenewprogramme said...

first row:
1. nice exaggeration. the written message is a bit odd. will a vote really crush someone if they do nothing? maybe this (and several other of your sketches) should be about taking control of that ball. so maybe the text tells them what to do in a certain way.
2. this is interesting. can you make this more emotional or more powerful, more of a big deal? what is the equivalent of an emotional shot or a powerful shot or a really important shot in a real game?
3. is this a logo parody? it's okay, but doesn't rock my socks off.
4. copy is odd here too.

row two
1. eh...
2. eh...
3. kinda funny in a kid-like way. cute.
4. interesting metaphor here. again, more drama. what is the specific situation here. is this a last second shot, a free-throw where all the pressure is on, etc.

this row makes me think your ideas are kind of on the "cute' side right now, especially if you're talking about young black males. you might get laughed at or beat up (just kidding) if you don't have the right tone. but seriously, they won't be taken as serious messages unless they have the right visual/emotional impact. i would say they need to be tough, active, manly, etc.

row three
1. um, nah.
2. this is similar to a couple of the previous ones. i think there is something here with the idea of shooting or making a basket, scoring, etc. as a metaphor for voting. keep working on this direction, looking at all the possible aspects of it.
3. is this a jordan parody? could be good. he is very inflential.
4. nah.

fourth row
1. why is the ribbon around the ball. very cute, but you'll get beat up for this. too sissypants for the audience, i think.
2. same as the other "shooting" metaphors, but don't label the ball so directly. can you refer to "vote" in a more veiled way? drama, lighting, mood, etc. i like the first person p.o.v. -- i'm the one shooting the ball. nice.
3. kinda cheesy writing.

keep going! there are some workable ideas here. let me know if you have questions.