Monday, September 29, 2008

Type III. Tender Buttons book proposal. First draft.

So here's me getting started with the new type assignment. For this project we are supposed to typographically illustrate Gertrude Stein's poems from her book Tender Buttons (four shorter ones, one longer one, and excerpt from the "rooms"). The book that can be any size has to make the reader understand Stein's poetry. You can get the idea what the poems are like here.

Below is my first draft for the book proposal. I took a "mathematic approach", which introduces the idea of an info graph in my book. Stein deliberately makes a lot or repetitions, which is something a reader picks up on easily. I called out the repetitions in the poems on the spread (see detail below), counted them and showed how many times the word appeared in the poems. The format of my book is square (8x8") . There are always four numbers in the "info graphic". The correspondence of the numbers and the shape of the book is something I need to work on. Right now the idea is there, but the composition is not supporting it. Stein's poetry seems to be chaotic, but rhythmic at the same time and I think that the analytical approach that I chose can help me show my personal understanding of her work.

The full book is not presented here. It will also have required pages such as the title page, colophon and others. More progress will be posted.


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