Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Type III. Typeface Mailer draft.

My assignment for Type III class is to make a mailer (21.5x16.5in) to promote a typeface. It is supposed to have information about the typeface, such as the creator, important dates and purpose. It's also supposed to have a big letter that highlights the key features and a section quoted from The Elements Of Typographic Style about analphabetic symbols. It should also have instructions on how to use those symbols. The mailer should have three colors.

Below is my first rough draft of the mailer.
The cover (red) is very rough right now, so it still has to be worked on.
I chose to make everything very simple, functional and clear (that's what I usually look for when I get something in the mail). I made an emphasis on free space to make it easier to read. I also tried to use retro-looking colors: red, beige and black.

It's far from being done, but here's what I have so far.

back spread

inside spread

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