Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vislang. Final Poster and statement.

Since I could not upload the actual pdf files, I will send it via email.
For both of my final posters I used vectored images. This media supports the idea I have in the Michael Jordan parody because of the original medium of the logo. I wanted to make the second poster as simple as possible and thought that more expressive media would be distracting and would prevent from sending the point across.
I tried to target my audience by using an activity that is familiar to many people in the demographic. The age of my audience is 25-35. At this age people do not only work full-time, but also have families and many other responsibilities. One of the ways to relax and catch up with friends is to play basketball.
In the first poster ("It's easier than you think.Vote) I used hyperbole to make my statement more clear. One of the main reasons for African Americans not voting is registration problems. By exaggerating the distance between the player and the basket, I am showing the problems are overestimated. If you want to vote, you will. The body supports this.
The Michael Jordan poster is based on a parody. By including an influential player like Michael Jordan, I am showing that the viewer can influence something by voting. That is why i replaced the basketball that he was originally holding with a ballot. The composition suggests that MJ is racing to his goal and it's a call for action. The body is simple in this poster because I felt that including additional text would mean repeating the same idea over and over again.

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