Sunday, October 12, 2008

SM.Kinetic type final animation.

In this project we were supposed to choose an object from the activity we chose in the beginning of the semester. I chose the object "paint". Then we had to choose three actions you can do with this object. My actions are mix, pour and smear.
You can watch my animation here.

in this action I tried to present mixing as two colors colliding. I saw the words as two armies that clash and become one. I also played with layering to add depth and show progression both in movement and the growing amount of "blues" and "reds".

here I tried to add more colors that are different shades of red blue and purple. I was referencing paint blobs that can be see in paint that was manually mixed. This part is supposed to be very playful and spontaneous like the paint dripping. At the same time, the general movement of the paint pouring is maintained.

I see smear as distortion in various directions. I distorted the word both in length and its separate letterforms. It's supposed to look like an external force is smearing the object or the word. This portion of the animation is not as fast as the other ones because of the nature of the action.


Kyle Huber said...

You have really come a long way since your first ideas for this animation. I think you have made some interesting improvements, but I also feel like your final animation is a bit weak as far as craft and execution goes. Your concept for the first action of mixing is a good direction. I like the idea of two different colors colliding together and then becoming one color. However, after carefully examining your final attempt at this, I think you overlooked some pretty important things. For example, the first word paint that comes on the screen is a baby blue color that is not the same as the rest of the blues that come onto the stage. I also don't think the way big chunks of multiple words just pop onto screen works as well when it is being contrasted by motion tweens of words coming on to the screen smoothly from different directions. The layering effect you were going for becomes distracting to your action because its not a balanced method of how the different colors become more and more thick. Instead of being a smooth action of the colors mixing together, it becomes jarring because the fluidity of movement is not really present. So in other words, your concept was there, but the execution of "mixing" could be a little stronger if you reconsidered how you blended the colors together. Also, the screen flashes to a different color blue after it abruptly goes from all the reds and blues to one solid color. This is a craft mistake, Im assuming. Why would u make it a different color blue than the one u were using to build up all the layers of words?

The next action is where I see the most problems in your animation. This is a critique, and Im a very detail oriented person. Sorry if this is harsh or not constructive in your point of view, but im giving you my honest opinion of your work. I respect the time and effort you put into this, so don't think Im trying to be rude! I feel like you are relying way too heavily on tweens to accomplish your objective. I do not get the impression of pouring that you were going for. Instead, it looks like a bunch of awkward tweens that didnt work out as smoothly as you were hoping for. I think if you would have created more frames that showed the letters being poured onto the stage from top to bottom and then accumulating into a pile of paint, your effect would have been greater than using these flash methods of movements. I know the technical issues you had to work with but i think the final animation doesnt have the smooth "paint feeling" it should have. There really is no fluid pouring action and it is too inharmonious and conflicting throughout this particular action. Too many colors, segments and directions are being presented with too many tweens. Your pouring action could have been resolved in a much safer way.

The final action of smearing is also relying to heavily on tweens but i feel like the speed of it is appropriate. I like the way it is kind of slow motion and you are emphasizing the action to create drama. The way the letters and being distorted doesnt necessarily feel like a smear, but the way your scale change works helps it become a little more evident. I think the way the "t" overlaps and turns white is awkward and just doesnt work well. Your concept here is strong again, but the execution of it could be refined.

Overall, I feel like your effort in making this a successful animation is evident, but you relied too much on a digital tool of tweening to create a series of actions within typography that are conceptually strong, but technically unconvincing.

I hope you can take what I have said and try to use it to your advantage. Be careful with your details and make sure your execution matches your concepts.

Good job Genia.

Ian Tirone said...

okay genia the first I will address the craft of the animation then i will address it in terms of the project objectives. I will do this by action. Just so we are both clear on how this is going to work.

In the first portion of the animation, the mixing sequence there is a jump as things are added to the sequence, some things move onto stage and other things appear and shift places arbitrarily. they move in masses that don't feel paint like, and the mixing never really happens their is no swirl type mix the screen just changes color. Also, red and blue don't mix to make blue they make purple.
In terms of motion duration and transition, I don't think that the motion is fitting of the subject, this should feel fluid as paint is, as it stands they feel like pieces of things. The entire first action takes too long, because of the less than ideal quality I just want it to be over. In terms of transition it is unnecessarily jumpy it jumps to blue then it jumps to white, you could have had a formal transition of the blue zooming out to be the blue of the first pouring thing.

The second action, feels like some sort of insane bouncing explosions which is quite different from a pour. Also, a Flash shape tween is a flash shape tween is a flash shape tween is a flash shape tween is a flash shape tween is a flash shape tween. Have I made my point? Flash shape tween look hideous unless carefully finessed. The only portion of that sequence that looks like pouring is the last part, but even that looks more like the giant paint is vomiting the other paints, not pouring them. In terms of duration there is too much that doesn't make sense, and there are parts that seem to slow down, then speed back up arbitrarily. In your statement about your animation you said you wanted the pour to be playful but it is crazy and needs work.

The last sequence, again the shape tween thing is distracting, and I think you could look at the way Meredith smeared her's looked like a smear these sort of grown and undulate individually and look just plain strange. Duration again is too long and again there isn't much transition to speak of I think there was an opportunity to explore transition here that was missed the pour paint could have been the smeared paint, to create a seamless transition.

Please don't think I'm trying to be mean I wanted to be helpful.