Thursday, October 23, 2008

VL. Postcard I changed.


Meredith Adams said...

You obviously changed this into a more positive image. The polaroids connote nostalgia and home while the images of the tools and birdhouse remind me of crafting and building. The bird brings in a younger more feminine touch and the whole collage is reminiscent of a memory book or scrapbook. This combined with them having a historic feel makes it so that I can see a historian or museum curator using these photos for a book or exhibit. The clean space supports this idea. I think that is where the conversation is leading.


You're 100% right on this one. I really did try to reference a scrapbook page and a museum-like atmosphere. I thought your topic (old people remembering playing with the tools as young boys) goes well with the idea of nostalgia in general and the polaroids are almost iconic of this feeling. I wanted to add meaning with an additional image (birdhouse) to explain what those tools can be used for.
You got the message right.