Thursday, October 16, 2008

VL. Postcard I.


Meredith Adams said...
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Meredith Adams said...

This image has a negative tone. The lighting is dark and this connotes negativity, evil, the unknown etc. The image also is slightly out of focus. This supports the "unknown" aspect of the negativity. The cropping makes you unsure of what you're looking at.

Now, with the previous knowledge that this is a kerosene lamp, I can figure out that this is the part where the flame would ignite. And this leaves to more negative association because it's sole purpose is to give light and it isn't lit.

In spite of all of this, the image also has a serenity to it. The highlight on the glass gives it a gentle halo that connotes peacefulness.

So the message I'm getting from this is serene, mysterious negativity.


Meridith was right, she got all of the things I was trying to convey. The cropping is supposed to make the image mysterious and negative. The unlit wick could suggest poverty and enhances the darkness. The fact that the lamp is out of focus is supposed to add to the mystery and murkiness.