Monday, November 10, 2008

SM. Non-linear narrative process.

First I came up with three different concepts for the interactive piece. The next day we had Garrett's demo that made me realize there is no way I could execute any of my initial ideas. The flash restrictions we had made the wall painting impossible and that was supposed to be the main interactive part in two of the three concepts.
So I moved on and started thinking of the project with all the restrictions in mind. It was important for me from the beginning to create a "stage" for the action, an environment where everything would be happening. I really enjoy interactive pieces, where you can explore the content and the surprise factor is important too. I decided to make all the objects in my "stage" interactive, so that the viewer could create his own arrangements of objects, possibly leading it to absurdity.
I wanted the piece to have a clean look with stylized, vectored shapes, so I started looking for images. It was quite a challenge, because with a set idea in mind I had to find specific images that would fit the perspective and setting of my "stage". In the beginning i had black outlines around the shapes, but later I thought they looked too cartoony, so I got rid of them. The good thing was that I didn't have to worry about resolution.

After I found and vectored the necessary images, I created a still frame in Illustrator to see how the objects were going to be arranged. The I took all of this into Flash...

...and started to learn the robot talk. That's where the battle began.

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