Thursday, November 13, 2008

SM. Research.

1.I decided to make an intro piece because i see it as having potential in becoming something dynamic and interesting to include in the portfolio. I also think that a good opening is crucial to any show, so I'm interested in seeing how i can make a show about house renovating interesting.

2. PURPOSE: to teach people how to make simple things in painting (like making stencils or painting the wall). It help people like me who have never renovated their houses before easy tips that will really work. It will be mostly about painting (like what kind of paint to use, brushes, etc), but it will also have some simple tips on how to do small tasks like drill the wall, etc

CONTEXT: the show would be on a cable station that would show how to's in various spheres of daily life. The show would probably be on weekend mornings. The show itself will need a presenter and probably a voiceover.
AUDIENCE: family men that are not very knowledgeable in renovating things. They'll be watching it to learn how to do all the tasks they need to know to make their house look better.

3. I really like the best buy commercial by mk12. (sorry no link), the Hot Hot Heat video appeals to me too.
Opening of Home Improvement
the Finish Line advertising is combining video with vector animation. I think it's pretty cool.

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