Monday, February 16, 2009

T4: Just some thoughts.

I thought a little bit about the discussion our class had today and realized that it corresponds with something that I wrote during the summer on my Z Intern blog. Even though the "loosey-goosey" approach to this project is something unusual and was not practiced in our previous classes, I feel like it is one of the projects most relevant to the "real" world. We don't have set deadlines in this project and it is interesting to see how people manage their time and progress. I feel like not having a red flag in the calendar, screaming "TURN IT IN" allows us to be more focused on the process rather than the outcome. It is important because we will not always be responsible in the outcome, while the process can sometimes belong to us completely. So I guess this projects teaches our some non-design skills too, which is a pretty good addition to the usual learning outcomes.

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