Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UE: Ziba is Beautiful.

What is Zeba?
Ziba is a nature-friendly dairy product that comes in recyclable packages that are fun and friendly. In the good old days milk used to be sold in glass bottles that would be refilled by a milk man. Where are the milkmen, by the way? Ziba Milk is 100% natural and comes from happy cows that graze in the green meadows of _____. Ziba comes in three flavors: regular, chocolate and strawberry. The flavors are natural and are added according to a 200-year-old recipe that is passed on from father to son. Have you been trying to find that unforgettable taste that only comes from good, high-quality milk? Ziba preserves all the natural components of milk and it is as fresh as it would be if you just milked a cow.

Would you like Zeba?
Ziba is perfect for classy milk-lovers who want to drink milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but are tired of the chunky milk jugs. Ziba is compact, but it has your daily portion of calcium and vitamin A, B and B2. It is good for you and it tastes amazing! Ziba has a 3 in 1 package, as well as three flavors sold separately. Each package has a unique design. Don't care about the design? Get a complimentary milk glass with every 10 bottles you bring or a super-size package of 9 with every 30 bottles.

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