Saturday, August 29, 2009

ME: Community Model.

Below is the revision made to the last model. I added the personal investment and the core. I also tried to clarify some issues with influence and personal connection.


thenewprogramme said...

you are off to a good start here, genia. the basic form with the layered boundary seems logical -- encompassing the group and providing safety. your labels on that boundary are good, but you are missing "personal investment". you cover the other aspects of membership though.

i like seeing the examples of different types of group members so i can see the stages of community membership. however i think it's just as important for this model to show the various elements that define "community", and online community in particular. you address the "membership" aspect pretty well, but you don't explicitly address the other elements of "influence", "integration" and "shared emotional connection". i'd like to see how those work in this diagram. is there a visual dynamic that explains how community members have influence over one another?

your labels on the bottom right -- emotional connection", etc, aren't pointing to anything specific in the examples. how do i know which example is about emotional connection and which one is about influence? that's why i said above that i'd like to see you address those in a more specific way.

lastly, i don't understand the extra labels like A, B, C, D, and E, and the circles they are in. they are either extra junk or you forgot to label some things.

i know this is kind of a hard thing to wrap our heads around, so this is a good start. we will keep working on it as we research more.

Genia (Evgeniya) Narinskaya said...

Thank you, Tyler!