Sunday, September 13, 2009

ME: Brainstorming

- To know what's hot in the BM (Body Modification) world.
- To promote yourself in the BM world and/or get a job.
- To find a trustworthy parlor/piercing place.

"Liking", "digging", " "voting", etc.
A tattoo design can be rated based on the number of "likes" he gets and make his way to the top like the "Tattoo of the Day". That way users will know what is popular and either copy that or get inspired.

Tattoo parlors can also be rated according to user feedback, similar to the user rating on system. It will allow people to find trendy places with high standards.

High rating can help in job searching and publicity. By getting high ratings on the website, the user can be "spotted" by someone who will provide him with a job opportunity.

There can also be separate ratings for different categories, like #1 in tribal tattoos or #1 in septum piercings.

- To ask questions
- To get advice
- To connect emotionally to other people.

Live Chat with a professional
A user can talk to a professional tattoo artist that will help them solve problems ("My belly button is itching, what should I do?"). They can ask questions about trends, techniques and risk factors. (Bank of America has this service now.)

Live chat between professionals (exclusive)
Two or more professionals can talk about technique secrets, talk about modern trends, discuss their day, etc.

Live Chat for Anyone (similar to Facebook chat)

Video Conference
Two or more people can talk about their issues face to face, see how tattooing is done first hand and just feel the warmth of interpersonal connection. (Skype, iChat, etc)

Discussion Board
People can talk about their problems, discoveries, music tastes, anything. (CollegeConfidential threads, etc)

"Follow" Your Friends
The user will be interested in some people more than others. He or she can then either "friend" them or "follow their profile. I found an info graphic (posted below) that applies to this aspect of online connection.
- to learn something new
- to meet in real life
- to "follow" your friends

The site can have an updating "find of the day" that can have categories such as videos, pictures, articles, etc. The updates can be sent to the user's phone or email.

Mass Mobilization
One of the users can decide to create an event for the entire community. This is a common practice in Europe, where mass events, like making-out near the Eiffel tower, brings a lot of people together.

"Friend" or "Follow"
The user will eventually get interested in another member, so he will be able to "friend" him or become his "follower" (Blogger-style)

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