Thursday, September 17, 2009

ME: Tools. Brainstorming.

Kyle and I brainstormed some ideas today. Here's what we came up with:
Idea #1: Jewelry Gadget.
An earring (or ring) will serve as device that sends information and stats between community members when they come within a certain distance of each other. For example, 2 people on a bus with the special device will receive a text message with the other person's stats. (how many piercings and/or tattoos they have, their age, their favorite shop, etc.) Members can set up preferences online to choose what information they want their device to share with others (contact info, stats, name, etc.) info copied from Kyle's blog.

Idea #2: Membership Tattoo.
A tattoo design that represents body modification (BM, for example) will be posted on the website. A member can decide to get that tattoo and get a reward for it (free gadget, coupon, etc). The members will be able to identify each other upon meeting each other and it can be a great conversation-starter and bonding experience.

Idea #3: Data-Collecting Gun.
A functioning tattoo gun will be able to collect data about its user's activity. The gun will collect information about the number of tattoos, speed, color and success. It will then send the statistics to the user's profile. The member will have an option of collecting this data on his profile and keeping it private or displaying it for the other members to see.

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