Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DP: Experiments documentation.

For today's class I tried a few different things for my immigration kit. I mainly experimented with format and kept in mind the comment about making it more "discreet" so that the immigrant feels comfortable. My first idea was a greeting card. I often catch myself using cards i get for special occasions as bookmarks. Playing off that idea, I created a set of cards asking the person out for dinner or making some kind of comment about what is inside. Inside you get information about a place where you can dine. For example, "welcome! here you can eat fast" refers to fast food or "you're hot. trendy bar tonight?" says it in the name. The idea is that the immigrant can pretend like he found an old greeting card in a book he happened to bring with him/her and not seem like he/she is foreign. I experimented with the same idea by looking at different formats (square cards with info on the back, business cards with basic facts and little booklets for pocket-size information). I also created a mailer/poster that goes along with this system and explains what it is about. It also combines all the information in the cards in one place.
Another experiment I tried was a traditional book format with clear and simple organization of information. You can see all my experiments below:

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