Monday, February 8, 2010

DP: Schedule.

Some people who move to a new country know the language, some don't, but there is not a single brochure anywhere that will somehow prepare them. There is almost nothing to guide people who just recently moved to a new country. The only way people can learn about things is through trial and error. Most people want to learn about their new country and be accepted, but don’t know where they can find the information. It is especially difficult in the early stages of immigration when new relationships have not formed yet.
The information that people can access is scattered and often times not helpful. Since new immigrants are often very vulnerable and trusting, they easily become victims of scams and do things that can get them in trouble. I want my project help prevent innocent people from suffering for their lack of awareness. My project is intended to be a helpful friend that is always there to advise you.
After trying out some of the ideas that came to mind during my experiments, I found a solution that would combine all of my experiments so far. My first experiment was a book and I think that it allows space for a comfortable read, which is essential to the learning process. My next experiments, however, were interesting terms of their compact nature. The cards allowed the user to carry useful information wherever and whenever they need it.
My final solution is to make format key to my interactivity. There will be a book(s) with various chapters in it, describing certain aspects of life. There will also be detachable modules that will be made pocketsize, that could be used separately from the book. Those modules will include a simple fold and business card sized elements that will carry crucial information. While the book will give detailed information about the subject (information you can study at home to be knowledgeable about the thing you are studying), the fold will give information that will come handy when you’re in a difficult situation and the cards will give a single quick tip like a warning.
The combination of all three will allow the user to be comfortable in all situations.

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