Thursday, March 11, 2010

DP: Midterm Summation.

Things I did up to this point:

1. Surveyed people and got an interview.
The results that I got from the written survey:
-Most people have not received guides for adjusting to this country.
-Most people had difficulties adjusting to the culture.
-Most people had an overall positive experience of staying in the US.
-The majority of people could not understand complex "professional" language.

Facebook survey. I surveyed people about the sounds things make in their language.
-There are a lot of similarities in phonetic representations of sounds even if the countries are on different continents.
-Some sounds are "translated" in various languages, while some are very difficult to find because their representation depends on individual people.

The results I got from the interview:
- My design needs to be more interactive.
-The language needs to be more simple.
- New words/everyday phrases are good.

2. Determined my icon direction. Phonetic icons are universal and can be helpful for people from different countries.
3. Narrowed down the focus. I will now focus on three main sections that will have a more refined design.
4. The name of my overall system is going to be "How to make the US your home."
5. Found a balance between cutesy design and harsh modernism.
6. Decided that my project can be customized according to the user's needs.

What I have to do next:
1. Refine my design and create an overall identity.
2. Resolve the separate parts/modules issue.
3. Test my designs on people.

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