Monday, March 14, 2011

The Return.

Oh, dear old blog. It really does feel like coming back to an old friend.

I've started this blog back in 2007 for school and updated it weekly if not daily for the rest of my education in KCAI. Did I always post because I wanted to? No. Were there times when I dreaded putting up another process image at 3 am? Yes. I do think, however, that being so consistent about updating my blog allowed me to develop a passion for documentation and the display of my research.

I started a different blog shortly after graduation that I religiously updated more than twice a day for about three months. I used it mainly for inspiration and the design/art I found online. It was a good practice in writing and expressing why exactly I liked something, but something was lacking in that experience. Maybe it was the fact that for the past three years I got used to blogging about my own work and becoming a critic of someone else's work was entertaining, but not very fulfilling.

I tried fixing that issue by posting interesting pictures from my own life, but Tumblr that supported my blog ended up a little limiting for those purposes. I could not figure out a way to post multiple images in one post in a way that would display them all one after another instead of a slideshow.

So here I'm back on my good old blog. I'm planning to use it a lot more often again. I'll try to post things that I'll find interesting or inspiring, as well as images or stories from my own life. Hopefully this "hobby" will stick.


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