Sunday, April 10, 2011

Candy apple friend.

When I was getting my car I did not know it was going to be candy apple red. Turned out it was and it's perfect. The color is right between being too bright and just perfect. I know Toyota had many problems last year, but I did not have better car service better anywhere other than Toyota. I'm sure eventually it will be the car brand people remember from these days. Maybe even with a little nostalgia. My car's not perfect and has a big, nasty scratch on the front bumper. Totally my fault, no blame can be put on anyone. I've often been thinking "Hey, maybe I should invest and fix that ugly detail!". I'm sure I will one day, but for now it's making my Corolla unique. It's like a scar that reminds me of the days when I did not know my four-wheel friend so well.

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