Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Local Artists: Atilla.

People interested in music and even music snobs are not that rare of an occurance in art school. There are those, however, that do their thing passionately but modestly and once you hear about what they achieved, you think "Whoa, he/she deserves that!" One of the kids from my college graduating class, Sean Minor, was making his own music for years and even performs locally as Atilla. He just recorded his first album in his home studio and wants to get the word out. I'm usually skeptical about such things, but Strata: Type 1 one is recorded in very high quality and even has a nice logo! I don't know much about rap, but I can say that every song on the album is unique and is worth your attention. Atilla has a Facebook page and the album can be downloaded right here! I hope Sean's music gets into the right hands (or better ears) and he gets all the exposure he deserves.

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