Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of the world? Not really.

Yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world, predicted by some lunatic in California. Bluffs like that come up once every few years, but this one seemed to get a huge response. Looking at my Facebook newsfeed yesterday made me think just how little people have to do and care about if 80% of their statuses and conversations were about the rapture. I know that most of the stuff posted was meant to be a joke, and I agree that there is something humorous in the whole idea. I mean how many people actually believe that people will be lifted up into the sky? When, however, by the end of the day all I could see in the social media was pictures of post-rapture looting and articles about that modern-day Nostradamus I've had enough.
I remember five years ago, the summer when I was just graduating from high school some movie about a devil child created a pretty successful campaign. The movie was coming out on June 6, 2006 which made it 06.06.06, the devil's number. It so happened that it was storming that night in Moscow and a few of my classmates, not without the help of alcohol, were genuinely terrified. Of course all the kids went to see the movie that I heard was not even good. It seems that there have been many end-of-the-world predictions ever since I can remember. Someone predicted a world-wide nuclear war in 2000 and something else in 2002. We're all still here so why on earth are there still people who go crazy about something a most likely high senile old man came up with?

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