Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stay The Night (final black/color set)

This is my final product for the icon assignment two. 
This project  helped me understand the relationship between the single shape and the whole set. This project made it clear to me why it is so important to constantly adjust and refine what you're doing. The shape of a single icon and the way it is treated can make a big difference in how cohesive the set is and how it works as a whole.
Connotations that seemed to be a mundane responsibility in the Semiotic Scrapbook, were really important in the icon assignment. The color choice was based not only on my aesthetic preferences, but mainly what my connotations were and how the color relates to my theme. The peachy pink connotes femininity and warmth and the deep navy serves a practical purpose; it adds contrast and depth to the icons.
Scale also played an important part in the project. Using the blog to display our work helped me see the way my icons are going to be seen online. The process of reducing the scale and keeping it legible was a challenge, but it helped us "get the taste" of the real world.
The color distribution in the multi-color icons was pretty easy for me because I knew what color it was going to be and applied it in the same fashion to all of the icons. Three colors did not work for all the icons, so  I abandoned that idea. 
Another important thing that I learned in the project was the fact that you should ALWAYS adjust color for print. My blue was two dark the first few tries and the bottom line is that no printer is the same. Overall, the project made me more aware of the process and conceptual thinking that I hope to develop more in the next stage.

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