Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Revised info graphic sketches

This is the first revised info graphic (i.g.). I tried clarifying type and combining two previous i.g. (see previous post).  The colors are pretty random, so I'll have to change it if I'll decide to do this one.

This one is the same as the previous one, except for the images. I tried to find pictures of the object or its index and masked a close-up of it.
This one is a slight has slight alterations. The images are monotone and the colors are chosen purposefully. I chose the colors that are either associated with the object (little black book) or colors that are supported by the research (red is one of the most popular colors of lipstick). 

In all of these I was also experimenting with the header, but I haven't found the right solution yet.

What I have to do next:
1. Play with typographic compositions to see how the header can be incorporated into the i.g.
2. Bleed the images out of the circles and explore the angles (see the scrapbook spreads).
3. Make labels bigger and add the $. 
4. Change the colors to something closer to my color palette (navy blue+peach pink).

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alicia rosas said...

Hi Genia! You didn't make a post for me to comment on my peer edit for your text! I forgot the copy you gave me today at studio, so I'll leave you a comment with my suggestions tomorrow. :)