Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Digital sketch

This is my first draft for digital version. I introduced the  average price for the object, but I'm still not sure if it's read the way I want it to be read. I also tried to introduce the age through lines. 


jamie said...

Main graph of cost vs quantity is much more clear now.

Work on typographic hierarchy of the blocks of text. Divide into smaller segments. Increase point size of primary fact.

Loose the bit about harmful lipstick - doesn't really go. But add in the bit about most popular shades if you have it.

At the end of all this you could tally up the cost - to give your editorial take. This could link into your blue bar area. Tally up the prices below each icon as well. So beneath the bra it would be $100.

Work on integrating the text about the ages INTO main graphic and not regulate it to the small box. Perhaps around the 90 degree angle that is forming on the other lines. Treat the text differently than the text in the paragraphs. This needs emphasis and delineation from the others.

No need for a "legend" here. Label the "average cost of one object" to the blue line, rather than separating it in that box.

See my comment below about the x-ray.

Explore many different placements and typographic treatments to the header - but not font choice yet.

g e n i a n a r i n s k a y a said...

Thank you, Jamie!