Sunday, April 6, 2008

Information graphic development: hand-rendered stage

Initial sketches of the information graphic presentation:

I experimented a lot with the info graphic and created various sketches, trying to unify my overall theme with the information.  This process helped me a lot because I was not trying to make these refined or perfect and just let the ideas come out on paper. This way I was able to move on to the next step where I chose to do a purse with information inside. My inspiration was an image I found of an x-ray scanning a bag with knives, guns, etc. 
This led me to the next step of deciding what kind of purse it is ( Is it a woman's purse? unisex) and how the graphic is going to be labeled. Due to technical problems I could not include the whole final sketch below, but the labels are placed underneath the purse and explain the system.  The most challenging part in this final sketch for the info graphic for me was to clarify the labeling system and make it both comprehensive and visually appealing.

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jamie said...

There could be something to the rich, layered aesthetic that you found with the x-ray photo. Work with collage and imagery to address formal/aesthetic aspects of the chart.