Sunday, May 4, 2008

More placard sketches

As I was working with the images, I realized that color makes them unprofessional and unsophisticated.  I decided to get rid of the original color and created a gradient that includes the navy from my color palette. I also changed the note book because it was standing out both in content and execution. Instead I added the contacts, playing with the same idea of age (young and old eye). When the eyes age, contacts won't help them and there are probably no old people who wear contacts. I changed the bra pictures as well because the other one wasn't working. So far I'm pretty happy with the images, but I still need to decide which type and bar/no bar works the best.

Below are some digital sketches. Typefaces and placement in the bar*:

After trying the compositions above, I decided that they were too digital and cold, so I printed the words on the printing press, scanned the words in and added them to the compositions.

After I tried the bar, I came to a realization that the bar as it was scanned in is not working, so I got rid of the bar and kept the printed letters, adding transparency to create a more realistic look to them. I like the printed type better because it makes the compositions more interesting and its texture is nice.

* the placards are not presented in their original size

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