Monday, August 25, 2008

First post this year. Painting.

I decided to choose painting. Painting in the sense of using paint as a medium that can be applied to a surface, for creativity (art) and life (practical things). For my first project I will do the following actions:

-painting with a roller or brush (new!)
-mixing up paint

I found a documentary "My Child Can Pain That" about a 4-year old girl who supposedly created amazing paintings in her young age.
I think it's interesting because there is a lot of controversy around the topic (did her dad paint it? is fame good for a child? etc)

Another documentary that I found is called "Bomb It". It is about graffiti and its impact on the modern visual world. It seems to be very pro-graffiti, according to the trailer, but that means you there are opposing views and possibly an argument. Exciting.

Another video. It's a YouTube clip (sorry), but it shows how to properly paint the wall with the roller. And the guy is super serious about it.


thenewprogramme said...

i would suggest narrowing it down more. choose either the practical aspect of house painting or graffiti or traditional artistic painting.

if you stick with your original actions, which are more practical, you can probably find a show on HG TV or some more "how-to" kind of stuff to use as narrative sources. there may be dvds that have that kinds of stuff too.

if you use one of the other two types of painting, i'd suggest revising your original actions to match that particular style of painting. graffiti might be hard to observe firsthand and i assume you don't know that much about it -- or am i wrong? ;) i'd work with one of the other two.


Thanks for the comment! I think I will do the practical side of painting and keep the actions. And you're right, I don't know much about graffiti.:))