Wednesday, August 27, 2008

African Americans

1. what are some predominately shared values of this group? (broadly in life, not politics)
Equality, egalitarian relationships between men and women, child-centerdness, work, pride, respect for the elderly, strong family values, religion (african religions, christianity, islam) and community.

2. what political policies/issues are particularly important to this demographic in this election? why?

Education - An opportunity of getting a higher education and possibly making a more successful career.
Healthcare -insurance to be taken care of in case of unexpected life occasions.
Minimum wage increase- more stable financial situation

3. are there any cultural references your demographic identifies with? what?
Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Michael Jordan, hip-hop, jazz, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Oprah.

4. what does their graphic landscape look like? (this is sometimes called a "visual audit") put another way, assemble a range of designed artifacts that are targeted toward this group - packages, posters, companies, logos, publications, etc.

5. including the aiga document and other sources, what are the issues cited for this group not voting?
• Too busy; conflicting schedule
• Illness or disability
• Not interested
• Voter registration problems
• Did not like candidates or campaign issues

Links used:
African Americans site
Cultural Impact Synopsis pdf
AIGA brief pdf

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