Monday, September 1, 2008

Motion Books Documentation I

Here is the first ideas for the Motion Class. My two activity is painting for practical purposes and the actions are mixing paint and painting the wall. Documented here are two spreads out of each of the six books. This stage of the project is meant to explore various techniques and compositions. Refinements will be posted.

Mixing paint

B/w photography

Mixed Media. Photography, corrector liquid, black marker.

Tracing paper and marker.

Painting the wall

Tracing paper and marker.

Lead pencil.

Mixed media. Acrylic paint, receipts.
This one needs explanation. The receipts hint on the fact that renovation and painting are expensive, thus many receipts. When I was little, my parents would cover up the floor with newspaper to keep everything clear. I always used that as a time to draw or paint, so the newspaper was always covered with my "masterpieces".

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