Thursday, September 18, 2008

Before-crit craziness!

Here are more sketches for type on this poster. When I talked to Mark, he thought that the white space is excessive and the text should be more prominent. I don't agree with the space comment, but I do think that type needs to be improved. Herea are some of my thoughts so far. I also talked to a couple of people whether the white boy bothered them in the context of my demographic, but most of them said they saw it as just a child. Should I improve that? I'm also struggling with trying to find vectored jumpman logo. Is there a way I can make the existing logos ( the one I got from the Internet) look more professional? I tried the pen tool and the life trace tools, but they both look strange. Help!

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thenewprogramme said...

the two best posters are the ones that have the type following the arc of the ball. that is a nice text/image integration.

i think the boy should be in the middle of scoring a point, rather than missing the shot. the copy says "it's easier than you think", and the boy is doing something we would think is hard -- shooting a very long shot. so we would think it's hard to make a long basket (or to vote), but the boy is showing us that it's actually quite easy to do.

also, if he's making the shot, the poster is positive and encouraging. especially if the 'vote' text is attached to the path of the ball, it should be a winning shot (or successfully casting a vote).

i know people said that the race of the boy doesn't matter, but how does this poster point to your demographic in any specific way? white people like basketball too. i just think it's a simple and effective way to acknowledge your audience in a more direct way. if it's for african-americans, it should feature african-americans in the work. also, why is it a little kid when the minimum voting age is 18? would it be more effective for it to be an adult?

regarding the jumpman logo, if you can't find a vector version, just do the best you can with controlling the contour line. try to make it look as accurate as you can. that's all i can ask.