Thursday, September 18, 2008

Critique with Mark

• Identify the tropes employed (& prior to you telling them what your intentions were).

• What graphic devices and/or text successfully supports the reading of the trope (e.g. it is obvious as a hyperbole)? What ones confuse/alter the trope (e.g. can't tell if it is a pun or not)?

• Is the message specific to the demographic? What specific visuals and/or text assist this? What ones confuse/distract? Is your message sensitive? Is it resonating?

• Is the message a clear call to action to vote? What's assisting this? What's hindering?

• Is your formal/stylistic approach appropriate to content and audience?

• Describe the relationship of text to image. Does one reinforce the other? Negate it? Contain a separate message? or something else?

• Is the main copy engaging (an attention getter)? Is the secondary copy clarifying (the call to action, vs. a "so what")?

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