Sunday, September 14, 2008

Final Animations. Overview.

Here are the links to the three animations that I have ready as my final for Project 1. The animations seem to be a lot slower here than they actually are, so keep that in mind while looking at them

Painting. Not exactly sure why Vimeo cut off the first two frames.

enarinskaya_1 from Evgeniya Narinskaya on Vimeo.


enarinskaya_2 from Evgeniya Narinskaya on Vimeo.

Combined actions

enarinskaya_combined_3 from Evgeniya Narinskaya on Vimeo.

The first two books I have stay the same. When I was making the third one, I had a choice of completely reinventing the book or working with the pages I already have. I played quite a lot with the animations, varying the pace and rhythm of the changing actions. With my book I decided to stick with the good old page-turning. The action evolves as you gradually turn one page to another. It was a challenge for me to see what I can do with the pages that already exist. Another advantage of seeing (and creating) the book is to be able to appreciate the composition and the quality of the work. Animation and time create a dynamic effect that cannot be reached in a 2D media... or at least not to the same extent.
This project made me understand more points presented on the SM blog more clearly. The most important ones, however, are the "begin to understand the sequence in narration" and the "precise craft".
I realized that in a narration every single frame and all kinds of visual information are important. Since we had a limited number of frames we could use, it was an extra challenge to express everything needed to be said in only 10 frames. The storyboard was much easier for me because I could plan out more and see how it works.
I was once again proved that craft is important. In this project it was more about digital craft, which turned out to be just as important. Overall, I'm happy with how the project turned out and what I discovered in the process.

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