Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Type III. Frutiger Mailer. Final.

This is the final mailer for the Frutiger typeface.
I chose this typeface for my mailer because of my fascination with its functionality and elegance. It was originally made for the signs in the Charles de Gaulle airport in France to make them legible from the distance. It is legible in almost all sizes. A good example of this is my mailer that is typed in 7.5 pt and is still legible.
Throughout the poster I tried maintain the simplicity of the layout and the overall design. This presented a certain challenge: how can I make it clear and simple, but not make it look like a boring manual? It was important for me to make the inside poster visually appealing for the viewer/receiver, but not make it too "happy". Frutiger is elegant and popular enough without someone making it look like a new bar advertisement. I decided to keep the inside page almost completely blank, not only to keep the already mentioned simplicity, but also to produce a "wow" effect. The angles and contrast in the inside poster are supposed to highlight the beauty and the legibility of the typeface. Sometime during the project I was told to find love for this typeface. I think I did.

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