Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Final Review Statement fall 2008

In this presentation I would like to touch upon a few things that were reinforced by this semester's projects and design experiences this summer.
First of all, I started experimenting with various ideas and media to support my concept. In the frutiger mailer, for example, I used only digital media because the qualities it posesses. I wanted my design to be simplistic and clean. The digital media provided that opportunity. During this project I started to realize I appreciate the balance of simplicity and details in my designs. Even though the mailer contains a lot of information, it still gives space for the eye to roam and absorb the free essence of the typeface.
Another thing that I was reminded of this semester is a phrase I heard over the summer. "There is always another option". By not being obcessively attached to my ideas, I was able to step back at a sertain point and realize that another concept or media would be better. An example of this is the redesign project, where I originally wanted to print the woodblocks with the images, but during the process realized that a dimentional paper aesthetic would be more interesting visually. The copy machine also allowed to play with light and background/foreground. The same idea goes for interactive project where I was able to overcome my fear of the media and create something the way I wanted it to look.
Finally, one of my goals fort he next semesters is to continue my discovery of what is really my own and what kind of design is unique to me. One of the things that help me with that is actually looking at other people's work for inspiration and building my own design library that will, hopefully, enhance my understanding of individualiy and good design.

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