Saturday, February 14, 2009

T4: Explorations.

I used the grid on the cutting matt as a base for my type. In the one-on-one critique, Tyler said that the typeface above looks "ice-creamy". I think it does look very soft and I think I'm going to develop that feel a little bit more.

The typeface above is a little bit more geometric than the first one, but I tried to combine both hard edges and round shapes. I think that combination has a lot of potential. I'm not sure if I want to develop it further, simply because I don't enjoy working on it too much.
Directly below is my first development of my initial idea (see post from February 9) and the first digital translation of it. I like the simplicity of it that is close to being illegible. At the same time I'm a little bit concerned about this. Does it have to be legible? In the first exploration all the circles were the same, soI decided to vary the size of the circles to differentiate the letters (see b and c).

I love how clean it looks in the digital version...

The more I work on these typeface, the more structure I try to maintain. I think it is important to be consistent in making something so geometric and reliant on form. My next step will be a creation of patterns and improvement or destruction of legibility. I will also start to play with colors and textures.

.... oh, and I just realized that Scott Hansen's work in the last post was obviously my inspiration!

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thenewprogramme said...

your type explorations are interesting but i have not looked critically at them as an alphabetic system. we can do that in class sometime soon -- check for consistency of form, variety and differentiation between letterforms, and test them out in
some words and phrases.

now you have half of your equation and you need to start putting them into some situations, as we talked about in class the other day. i recommend listing out all the possible ways you can combine geometry and grunge and then get to it. a couple of examples we discussed:
- digital contour/handmade interior
- handmade contour, digital interior
-- cut out of paper
-- torn out of paper
-- painted letterform

etc, etc, etc, for years and years.

you are drawing from a great source of inspiration and have some very nice starting points. be careful to do things the genia way and not the scott hanson way.