Monday, March 23, 2009

T4: Retro Modern.


Type Conference Names:
Square Fluidity
Retro Geometry
Square but sensitive
Textured Modern
Retro Modern
Geometric Retro
Back to Square
Dare to Square
Square the Retro
Illustrative Geometry

Final Name and Information
Retro Modern
Typographic Conference
May 20-23, 2009
______ Hall
Kansas City, MO 64111

Remember that movie theater you used to go to in the good old 60's? Remember the glowing lights, curvy type and the happy memory of youth? The memory became all dusty and got that worn texture that is now so popular in typography. In the age of high-tech and data overflow more and more people are attracted to the laid-back hospitality of the past. Retro Modern '09 is going to explore the popular tendencies in modern graphic design that involve a retro, nostalgic feel. It is also going to look at the way modern shapes and technology are used to recreate the retro. The conference will also include a lecture by Scott Hansen as well as two demos and presentations.

Scott Hansen is a designer and musician from San Francisco, who has years of experience in freelance design. He is currently an independent designer, who created his own shop, clothing line and blog, that are encompassed on his website ISO50.
Scott divides his works in two categories: design and illustration. His experience of working for Adobe can be seen in some of his works. Many of Scott's designs are stylized and digitally refined.
Here's what he says about his influences: "Obviously I do a good deal of looking back when it comes to inspiration. I feel the design that blossomed from the Bauhaus movement and came of age in the 1960’s was the Zenith of an art form whose importance would fade away as Television, and later the Internet, took over the reigns of visual communication thus effectively transforming the medium."
Scott Hansen is lecturing on May 21st in _____at 9 pm. Join Scott for his lecture about geometric type and the grunge movement on May 20th 2009!

I'm thinking that my overall theme should be a mix of geometry and handmade-type. The geometric type could be used for posters and big catchy areas of type while small captions can be handwritten. I'm still not sure about the typeface choice... I see the colors being organic and faded, so that the geometry and high-tech feel could stand out more. Recycled materials seem to be a good option. Overall, I'm thinking a of a system that would not have a traditional laserjet printer aesthetic, but something more personal and textured. I want people to take the artifacts home and not throw them away as soon as they get to the first trash can.

Thought this was interesting and relevant.

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thenewprogramme said...

good name. i think a lot of today's designers will be interested in this topic.

the description is very well written. it does a good job of setting a mood and telling a story to grab my attention. when you say 60's, the apostrophe is before the numbers -- '60s. it happens again in scott's bio -- 1960s, with no apostrophe.

i'd delete "two" in the last sentence. as it stands, it sounds like you're only having two presentations. just say " well as demos and presentations." or "other demos and presentations".

scott's quote needs to be re-worked slightly. don't refer so overtly to the fact that it's a quote. maybe say "Oviously i do a good deal of looking backwwhen it comes to inspiration," scott says of his influences. "I feel the design that blossomed..."

nice job overall.