Monday, August 31, 2009

Design Systems (DS): Three Briefs.

1.TRANSPORTATION: Travel assistance company.
The company is going to focus on helping people find how to find affordable tickets, hotels, rentals and will also provide useful information for tourists. This company will focus on making travel and preparation for it easier and cheaper. Among the usual ways of travel, the company is going to promote environmentally-friendly modes of transportation, like cycling, carpooling and walking around. It will target people who want to travel and see the world, but need assistance with picking good deals. They are also thinking about the impact they make on the planet. The competitors will be mainly such companies as Bing, but it will be a lot more open.

2.PLACE: "Plant a tree" park.
The company is going to be a non-profit organization that will attempt to make a certain part of community green and friendly. This is not a park in its traditional understanding. People will contribute to the organization by planting trees and plants in the designated area. It will target environmentalists, people who want to make their community a prettier place and people with kids who want to teach their kids the basics of green lifestyle. The main competitors will be companies like Green Peace and others.

3.INFORMATION: Weather prediction.
This company will be a reliable source for weather prediction and trip planning. It will have detailed information, road condition and  other weather-related suggestions. It will also be a first-alert weather organization that will help you stay safe in dangerous weather. The company will also promote a healthier way of living, like using solar power and other types of alternative energy. It will target pretty much anyone who occasionally gets out of the house and wants to know what to expect. Environmentalists will also be welcome.  The main competitors will be, except it will be more focused on actual weather conditions. 


asenseofhuber said...
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asenseofhuber said...

I am not sure if I am dead set on any of your ideas at this stage but I think if I had to pick one, I'd do the weather prediction company. You need to consider what kind of company this is. Is it a television news station or a website or a text message service that people can subscribe to? How is their service better than their competitors? What do they offer that is so special? Think of a fresh way to deliver weather predictions? Maybe your company will offer an email program or something that will send information to people daily so that they don't have to go to the site each day. That would be more convenient than having to surf the internet for an accurate weather forecast... Does that help?

Genia (Evgeniya) Narinskaya said...

Yep. I was thinking about multiple surfaces, but I just focused on a general idea. I don't care much for the second idea, but I like the travel company too. Thanks!