Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DS: Travel company. Initial research.

Collecting Data
-Market sizing
the company will target people 20-30 years old, who either just started their career, or are just beginning to get into it. They love traveling and active vacations are a big part of their lifestyle. This category wants to be able to use environmentally-friendly transportation on affordable prices and get reasonable deals for hotels, car rental and dining.

the company will be broadcasted through different types of media: environmental design, print and digital media as well as such resources as radio and online ads.

people who are loyal to the company are also loyal to the idea of environmentalism and care about the effect they produce. The company also targets people who want to be environmentally friendly, but are just learning how.

the brand will be recognized by such organizations like Green Peace for its support and attempt to make travel a friendlier experience.


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