Tuesday, October 27, 2009

VA: Bully-free Me.

Contrary to the common belief, childhood bullying is not just a part of development that everyone goes through. For many kids it is a constant pain that often leads to psychological issues and insecurities in adulthood. For this project Bully-free Me, Genia Narinskaya collaborated with local elementary schools to collect data and feedback. She designed a system that will promote mutual appreciation among children ages 8-10. Based on a game-like exchange of cards, the project facilitates a learning experience that teaches such virtues as sharing, standing up and looking out for each other, as well as being friendly and accepting. The cards are also supported by colorful posters that explain what those values are.Bullying is a big problem in every school, but with a little respect and communication it can be made smaller. (630 characters)

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