Sunday, October 4, 2009

ME: iPhone has an app for that too.

Below is one of the new directions for the Tattoo website. Check it out!
When the user first opens up the page of the Body Clique website, he sees a cloud of images that are randomly picked out from the site and are connected to the corresponding information.

Our user, Dan, signs in and sees how many people are online, as well as how many love notes he got overnight. On rollover the images light up and the image you pause on attracts images of similar content that gather around it in a group. That way Dan can easily find imagery and information in their area of interest.

Dan is more of a verbal rather than visual person, so he decides to click on a button in the bottom right corner that will send him to the word cloud formed by tags given by users.

Dan did not find what he was looking for and or decides to go back. There is an option for that. The site also has a traditional horizontal nav that will let you access information the good old-fashioned way.

Once Dan e goes back to the image screen and picks an image that catches his eye, it connects him to the information connected to that specific image.

In this case it is a page for an event that displays all the necessary information, attending guests, etc. Dan can also see similar events.

Maybe while looking at that event, Dan decides to talk to someone about whether or not he should get a biomorphic tattoo.
He clicks on the chat button and opens up a window where he sees some of his friends online.
He sees that Annie and Bill are talking about tattoos and asks them if they can join. Two of his other friends, Lisa and the Dragonkiller are having a private conversation, labeled by a red connecting line. Dan obviously doesn't want to bother them.

So Dan starts talking to Annie and Bill and finds out the information he needs.

Dan's girlfriend Addison decides to look over his shoulder and Dan does not want her to see that his ex is online. He has an option to either close the chat window completely, or make it a smaller traditional version that covers only a portion of the screen. That way nosey people will stay out of his business. He can switch back to the big screen anytime he wants to.

If Dan is in the same situation away from his computer, iPhone has an app for that too.

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