Tuesday, October 6, 2009

VA: Prototypes.

After a lot of research I came up with the following. My idea is to promote kindness and respect among children. When I visited the school and walked around a little bit, I saw signs such as "respect", attitude", "honesty", "responsibility" and "tolerance". This gave me an idea of a system based on those words. Maybe those words could be placed around the halls randomly as colorful stickers that will reinforce the understanding of those terms?

My main idea, however, is based on student-to student interaction. Each student would get a box called "How should I treat everyone?" with a set of palm-sized colorful cards made of a thicker material like drawing board of plastic. Each card will have a hole for a keyring or string, so that kids can keep them in one place. Each colorful card will have an iconic image on the front side, like a shield, and a corresponding phrase on the back. In the case of the hands the phrase would be "Thanks for standing up for me!" with an emphasis on "standing up". Children would be encouraged to give these cards to each other to appreciate positive attitudes among each other. If a kid collects a set number of good cards in a month, a letter of appraisal can be sent to their parents. (In my research I found out that parental appreciation is often a big prize for children). Each box with cards will also have a little manual on how to use them and rules on how to treat each other. The colors of the card will correspond with the colors of the stickers, so that the children can understand the connection between responsibility and standing up for someone.

There will also be a system of posters that will reinforce the ideas of sharing, kindness, honesty, etc.

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