Saturday, December 26, 2009

IBM Smarter World Advertisement.

I came across this ad in the New York JFK airport. The pictures are not the best quality, but they show enough. As I found out from the article Smarter Planet on the, the series is meant to show IBM's vision of the future with technology making the world smarter and more eco-friendly.
I noticed the type right away, mainly because it wasn't the standard Helvetica and the series was bright and simple. The icons are pretty clear and bright enough to draw your attention. Even though the type on the bottom is a bit repetitive, the posters seem to work well as a sequence and could probably work separately. I think it's funny that I caught a lot of questioning glances when I was taking pictures of this.

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Caesar said...

Hi Genia, thanks for linking to my blog (cyberseraphic)! You can see a complete set of the icons over at (scroll to the bottom of the page).

For the record, the font is Lubalin.

(Disclaimer: I work for IBM, but the thoughts expressed here are my own)