Thursday, February 25, 2010

SE: Barricade.

This is model of a hypothetical barricade for the Bank of China tower in Hong Kong. A few concepts found its way into the final design. The architect's (I.M. Pei) tried to reference bamboo sticks in the overall look of the building. Bamboo is a symbol of growth and renovation. The design of the barricade incorporates the geometric shapes of the building and such colors as green, yellow and orange. These colors connote growth and renewal and support this idea.The triangles "grow" directly from the ground making the entire structure look more organic. The second idea is transparency. The bank of China is a complex system that needs to be clear and transparent. I took this term literally. The triangles are layered to create an illusion. The shapes also connote stock charts. The third idea is to facilitate user interaction with the barricade by creating tunnels that both add dimension to the structure and make the user see something different.
The type is layered on different triangles but forms one line. I used a sans serif to support the idea of modernism that was a big influence on the building's architect.

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