Saturday, March 26, 2011

T20 to Twitter.

A few days ago Twitter told me I'm not clever enough because my sentences are too long. An online interface insulted me the first time I tried using it! That got me thinking a lot about how much technology changed in just a short time of my life. Not even that, really, a short time since I went to middle school. I remember getting my first cell phone Ericsson T20 in 7th grade and feeling like the coolest kid on the block. The thing had a tiny display, microscopic buttons and a flip cover that seemed like it was going to fall off after use #20. It was still something people wanted to see, use and interact with. Now anywhere you go all you can see are phones with touch-screen displays and Twitter this and Twitter that. You can inform the world about whatever popped into your head while sitting on the toilet or on top of the Empire State Building. I wish I could go back in time, come up to the 7th grade Genia and give her an iPhone during school and say: "Tweet whatever you want for the world to see." All I'd need is to see the look on her face clearly stating: "What the heck is that and what on earth are you talking about?!"

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